On behalf of the Pretty One brand, it is our pleasure to inform you that as a result of the growth of our network of outlets, we have created a special programme for corporate customers.

Available at each of the 30 Pretty One sales outlets in Europe is a special offer, which consists of serving selected companies that represent the highest standard of service and are synonymous with quality.

The concept is based on the principle that your company is a prestigious brand, and therefore puts great emphasis on the quality and elegance of your employees’ clothing.We therefore offer cooperation in purchasing Pretty One professional clothing for people who have direct contact with their customers.

This special programme created for the needs of business customers provides a 30% discount on every order of batches of at least seven of any one given fashion item.The offer is available only by joining the Pretty One Business Card programme and receiving your card.In order to apply for a card, please contact the nearest Pretty One branded store or our corporate customer service office.

Best regards,
The Corporate Customer Department

e-mail: biuro@prettyone.pl  |  www.prettyone.pl